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About – Return of The Curls


Return of the Curls is all about embracing the diversity of beauty.  Whether it’s fashion, wellness or hair care for curly textures, we provide a forum for every hue, gender, size and curl to become inspired.

A Richmond-based business established in 2010, Return of the Curls’ events are widely becoming known as the premier experience for consumers to receive information and products related to health, beauty and fashion.


Since 2010, Return of the Curls founder Keenya Kelly has provided some of the Greater Richmond region’s most experienced fashion designers, makeup artists and hair stylists with a platform to showcase beauty and fashion’s best products and trends.

The first Return of the Curls Curly Hair & Fashion Show was attended by over 1,500 consumers, and featured natural hair gurus like Felicia Leatherwood and Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey, one of Huffington Post’s Top 5 YouTube Vloggers of 2012.


The Return of the Curls brand provides a unique opportunity for a diverse makeup of consumers, representing a range of ethnic, economic and social backgrounds, to engage with companies who support our mission to showcase the best in beauty, fashion and natural hair care.

Sponsors of the Return of the Curls Curly Hair & Fashion Show have a captive audience within which to build brand awareness. With access to this diverse demographic, Return of the Curls Curly Hair & Fashion Show sponsors will be able to increase engagement as well as leverage a lead generation that will provide maximized brand exposure.

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